Thursday, February 11, 2016

Coming Back to Center

We ended 2015 on a wild rollercoaster ride fueled on high, gleeful emotions mixed with a twinge of apprehension. Then roughly one week into 2016 all the happiness and relief came abruptly to a halt. Once again, broken promises, dishonesty, and extreme selfishness, all while crying self pity and playing the blame game, came to light. It is very difficult to allow people back into your life, even just a little, when they have habitually wronged you. It is difficult to let go of the deep hurt they have callously caused over a tremendous amount of time and without care.

We have licked our wounds long enough, from the most recent incident, and now that it is the season of Lent, we are taking stock of our lives and of what/who is important to us. We call it Coming Back to Center. These next 40 days we will be using this time to:

1. Clean out the clutter of our home by removing items we no longer need or use.
2. Clean out emotional clutter that may be holding us back from achieving goals.
3. Reevaluate relationships:
                      set up safeguards,
                      exercise our right to say no,
                      exercise our right to not participate in emotionally damaging relationships

We are going to write, talk, and breathe. Self examination is not an easy task but at the end of our self examination journey, we hope to be more focused, more centered and emotionally stronger.

I will do my best to update our progress as we move along through Lent. I have already begun cleaning out the physical clutter. Yesterday I scoured our bathroom, organized the drawers and pitched quite a collection of half used bottles of lotions and such. It feels very freeing. Today I am moving in on our hall closet filled with an assortment of shoes and jackets most of which are too small now.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Oh by Golly, One Cute Dolly!

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I've been sewing. Some selfish sewing, some gift sewing. Ok, mostly gift sewing with the high holidays of December approaching. Actually, November is a busy birthday month for us including my mom.

I went all out handmade for her and stitched up the Ruby Lou Doll  by Sew Much Ado. It was a pretty straight forward pattern, great for beginners, with the most challenging part being the embroidered face. I think P and I will sew up some for Christmas gifts. You can get your Ruby Lou Doll pattern from Go To Patterns.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Selfish Sewing: The Marmalade Jacket

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Wow, I have really been neglecting my blog but on the plus side, we have really been enjoying life! P & J are both in school all day now which means, I have the whole day to myself. Therefore, I sew for myself! Yup, I am sewing some things for me. I hardly ever sew for myself but I rarely find something tempting at the store that fits.

This month, I made The Marmalade Jacket by Waffle Patterns. I am in love with it too. It doesn't really get cold here on the south coast of Oregon but we are in a perpetual state of sweater weather. Most of my sweaters are super bulky and in neutral colors such as black. I have a lot of black sweaters and jackets.

I made my jacket out of teal thin wale corduroy and lined it (it's fully lined) with Art Gallery Fabrics "Carnaby Street." It will be by go-to jacket for most everything that doesn't require black. So, everything.

I am pretty proud of myself and feeling a lot of relief that I have a jacket in a color that is not "good old reliable" black. Seriously, I need a closet intervention. Yoga pants and black sweaters as far as the eye can see.... The most intimidating part is the snaps and making sure they line up. However, this is not a pattern for a beginner. You need some serious sewing skills here and I am not bragging. Sleeves and collars are not for the faint of heart. Lucky for you, beginners and sewists of all levels, Go To Patterns as a huge assortment of patterns available to stitch up for yourself or your children, or for a special person you need to gift..... just click here. *affiliate link*

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sick Days

We have started the year off with sick days. P has developed a deep chest cough this past week. She is a stubborn lass, which I am grateful for, as she is less likely to be a push over in her adult years. However, being stubborn also means she doesn't want to stop and be sick. Cough or no cough she was determined to go to school. Until Monday morning came along and her energy level was low,  her bed was super cozy and warm, and she had a cough that caused her head to hurt with every hack. I took P's temp, she felt warm. She had a low grade fever and a sick day.

Monday sick day with Roary. 

Taking temperatures has become a fun activity because P and J can take their temperatures independently. I recently received two Braun Thermometers to try in our home. The first one, from Influenster was the Braun Thermoscan which is a quick easy read in the ear. The second arrived from Klout and is the new Braun No Touch + Forehead thermometer. These are both super easy to use, they read incredibly fast, and are easy to read.

J taking his temp with the Braun Thermoscan. 

When taking temperatures we have a silly routine of using every thermometer in the house. This started because the Braun No Touch + Forehead thermometer was always telling me that Jack had a temperature. This thermometer also has color coded readings: green = normal, yellow = slight fever, and red = fever. Several readings on Jack's forehead have been in the red even though he had "normal for J" energy, appetite was good, and had no other symptoms that would indicate illness. We have quite a collection of thermometers that we have accumulated over the years. Three oral, two forehead, and one for the ear.

6 thermometers and 5 different readings. 
Once I took J's temp with all of these in an attempt to confirm a fever. The two forehead thermometers gave me the same reading: J had a fever. The oral thermometers were within +/- 1 degree of each other, and the ear thermometer was within the range of the oral thermometers but not an exact reading as anyone of them. Then I took P's temp with them all. She was cool to touch and I was not expecting a fever reading, she was my control. The forehead thermometers read high with the Braun No Touch + Forehead in the yellow. The orals and ear read within normal range.

I don't know why the Braun No Touch + Forehead reads high or maybe it is that the others read low. We do utilize more than one thermometer to confirm a fever but more than that we watch for other symptoms: energy level, appetite, complaints of being sick, etc... So far we have remained healthy this season except for P's recent cold battle this week but that has been minor overall.

*I received the Braun Thermoscan  free from Influenster. I received the Braun No Touch + Forehead thermometer free from Klout. All opinions are my own. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Visions of Sugarplums {Riley Blake Flannel Showcase Blog Hop}

My blog has certainly been neglected lately. We have been having phenomenal weather and so, we spend our time outside exploring soaking in all the vitamin D we can get before it turns gray once again. It turned gray this week and therefore, we are enjoying a pumpkin wonderland of autumnal bliss and making the final final decisions about Halloween costumes.

With both P and J in school this year I find myself with ample "me time" and I have been moping around deciding what I should do with myself. The answer is sew, sew, sew and this is my stop on the Riley Blake Flannel Showcase Blog Hop! They sent over a ton of the Home for the Holidays prints and I set to work and then enlisted P's help too. We made pillowcases. She has been asking to learn to sew and we fit it in here and there but I thought she would like stitching up some pillowcases for Christmas gifts this year. Friends of P, take note you may be getting a pillowcase this year.

We had a lot of fun matching patters and picking the trim too! There are an abundance of pillowcase tutorials out there, I used this one from Cottage Mama . It is very simple, quick, and there are great pictures too. This one uses the "burrito" method and gives instructions for the finished french seams.

P enjoyed her sewing session and I felt reassurance that she is growing into a well rounded young lady, sewing is a life skill and so, she will be able to mend the sail on the boat when marine biologist P  sails around the world studying the blue whale.

We added a ruffled cuff to one, P got to learn about gathering and pinning in detail. I am sure she will be sewing up her prom dress and/or those of her friends.

The rigorous life a third grader requires lots and lots of sleep. Fortunately, she is a heavy sleeper and I successfully snuck in her room without incident. She still sleeps with her arms up like she did when she was a teeny tiny P.

Please visit the other bloggers on the tour, you are sure to find something to sew up for yourself or a gift for someone special, there is even something for your furry friends too:

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{This is a sponsored post. I received fabric from Riley Blake Designs in exchange for my post; all opinions are my own.}

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Riley Blake Flannel Showcase Blog Tour

It is officially September and therefore I have given into the call of fall. I attempted and failed at my first batch of pumpkin cream cheese muffins. They just don't fluff up pretty or more seriously, taste edible when I forget to add the sugar.

Fall brings on the flannel too and living in the Pacific Northwest we know a thing or two about flannel (the peak of the grunge era was just a few years ago right?). Beginning this month, Riley Blake Designs, is hosting their Flannel Showcase Blog Tour and Rose & Odin has been invited to join. I'm looking forward to sharing with you what I create with the flannel fabrics they sent over. However, I can only offer a sneak peak as my day is not until October 10th.

In the mean time, please follow along on the blog hop and all the inspiring cozy flannel goodness. 

Check out the Day 1 of the Flannel Showcase Tour. It is an adorable gingham dress and I think P absolutely, without a doubt needs this! Flannel Showcase Day One

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