Thursday, October 20, 2011

The AMAZING Age of 5

There is something super amazing about 5. It is the final threshold from toddlerhood into big kid central. Piper has homework to do and a full social calendar. Naps are so two years ago, for sure! 

We have conversations and read chapter books. She takes showers instead of baths. She gets her own snacks and makes dinner requests. She still loves Barbies, princesses and dress up and is not embarrassed to admit this...yet. 5 years has gone by in a blink of an eye.

We usually walk to school. She tells me about her friends and the goings on of the classroom, who she sat by or played with on the playground. Yesterday, she offered insight to just how truly AMAZING 5 is:

"Mom, you know what I can do on the playground, by myself now?"

"I can, go on the monkey bars...sideways! I can, slide down the pole thing...backwards! And you know what I can do that is totally awesome incredible all by myself! Swing!"

"You know why I can do these things by myself? because I am the AMAZING Age of 5!" 

She CAN do so much by HERSELF it is AMAZING! But my heart aches a little too. 

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