Sunday, October 2, 2011


After a summer of lamenting the end of preschool Piper finally began kindergarten. I had mixed feelings about it. I had just spent an entire 3 months with her at home begging for every second of her day to be filled with non stop entertainment. But there was a sense of loss for me too. I wasn't quite ready for my first born to go off to school.

We crossed a bridge. One where she will not be asked so much "how old are you?" but rather "what grade are you in?" And I have no way to slow her growing. This past five years has been the fastest of my life. As if one minute she is fresh and new all squishy in my arms and the next she is insisting I not enter the classroom with her and with a wave of her hand the door closes and I have to trust that all the love and encouragement and praise for her independence we have showered her with for the last five years if enough to get her through a 2 hour and 40 minute morning kindergarten class 5 days a week. So far is least for her. 

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