Sunday, October 16, 2011


The rains have started to creep back into our weather patterns. It is a slow creep but still noticeable. We will need raincoats as they we soon no longer be optional as the dreamy mist turns to wet beyond wet.It is as if the rain is coming up as well as falling down and spinning on either side of you. There is also a wind that blows as if everyday were a cat 3 hurricane. 

To help usher in this change of season from mildly damp to saturating wetness we visited out local pumpkin patch. It is a good 40 minute drive from our house up a windy road along the river. It is perfect. Pumpkins, goats, pigs, a bunny. Hayrides, a grass maze & face painting. 

Did I mention the pumpkins? They have all sizes and shapes! Piper chose two huge ones and at least one was larger than Jack! We also scored a few little pumpkins too. There were a few that didn't make it....smoosh and mush decaying back to the ground with a daisy or two growing up in between the pumpkin guts.

Halloween checklist: 1. Rain & wind: check! 2. Halloween decor strewn about the house: check! 3. Pumpkins!: check! 4. Costumes!: still working on them... 5. Candy! have eaten every bag we have attempted to keep for trick or treaters. 

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