Monday, January 2, 2012

The Attachment

Long have I waited for my children to form a special attachment to an item. Maybe a soft stuffed animal or a handmade blanket. Most likely something I found absolutely wonderful and needed them to feel it too; carrying it with them everywhere and to love it until it becomes a pile of threads.

Piper, in all of her headstrong security, has never acquired a long attachment for anything but hugs and snuggles from mom & dad on demand. 

Jack, seems to have the same headstrong independent nature but shows favoritism for one thing over another. Such as a certain blanket to get snuggly with on the couch to read or choosing his little white bear over the brown bunny to ride with him in his cozy coupe. 

For all purposes, my hope of either of my children forming an attachment to something was fading....until I cleaned out our junk drawer recently and Jack picked up something that fit perfectly in the palm of his hand and he has yet to put it down for a lengthy time....


So far, it has been to the beach, to bed, to church, and taken several baths. Just for caution we have begun a new rubber band ball to keep in the junk drawer as back up. 

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