Friday, June 29, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 29: Pesto Fondue

I am someone who really dislikes meal planning. I do look forward to holiday meals or special occasion dinners but for the day to day meal planning I hate it.

Enter Pinterest! Wow! My meal planning interest has increased with Pinterest. There are so many mouth watering meal temptations!

My most favorite Christmas gift this past year has been a fondue pot. How in the world have I lived so long without one in my possession? is a question I ask myself every time I use it. Well, let's just say it's a lot. Also, I do not need a special occasion to use my fondue pot. It's just special enough to use on any occasion.

Tonight we tried Pesto Fondue from

Wow! This was a most delicious feast! With two kids I always do my best to have fresh veggies available at every meal. So, in addition to the bread we also had carrots, broccoli, par boiled fingerling potatoes, and red bell peppers to dip in the cheese sauce. Let's be honest, put cheese on anything and it's delicious!

The actual sauce was mild in flavor due to only using mozzarella & parmesan cheeses but the basil and nuts really give this fondue an incredibly delicious taste that is not too rich! One of the best fondue's ever!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 28: Nutella Cookies

I have previously expressed my deepest love for Nutella when I made the Nutella cheesecake bars a couple weeks back. I won't bore you with the details of my love affair with the delicious hazelnut chocolate spread. I'll just say I LOVE NUTELLA!

Getting over yesterday's migraine and getting ready for vacation I was looking for something easy that did not require much energy or a lot of preparation combined with a lot of cleanup. I found Nutella cookies. Here is the recipe:
1 cup flour
1 cup nutella
I egg

Mix it shape into 1 inch balls and flatten on a parchment lined cookie sheet. Bake in an oven heated to 350 degrees for 6-8 minutes. Cookies are done.

I got a bakers dozen out of this recipe. The cookies were tasty and easy to make. I think they would make good "sandwich" cookies as they have a sort of chewy brownie-like texture. Maybe with a vanilla cream or a coffee cream would be scrumptious!

This pin is all over Pinterest with multiple links to the recipe. Enjoy!

Pinterest Inspired Day 27: Migraine Fail

My very first migraine was when I was in 6th grade. On Halloween. I will never forget it.

My mom had made me a wonderful penguin costume and I was having a slumber party. I had made the invitations and a trick or treat bag for each girl. Halloween was on a Friday and even in middle school we still had Halloween parties and costume parades.

I didn't even make it to the school party. I was blinded by the "aura" in my eyes and then came the nausea... I went home demanding darkness and coldness. All of my senses were at maximum hypersensitivity. I would fill the bathroom sink up with ice cubes and water and then submerge my face in it hoping to numb the pain. By dinner time I was feeling better but it was too late and the party had been canceled.

A migraine query on Pinterest reveals a lot of interesting art and illustrations about the pain of migraines. If you do not get migraines, count yourself lucky. They are debilitating to say the least.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 26: Rapunzel Braid

I have princesses on the brain! It seems I am doing a lot of princess crafts this week. It is lots of fun to connect with my inner princess self and it brings me joy to see P light up with happiness at princess things too. Soon enough she will be into another stage and I want to keep this little girl princess fun stage going as long as I can.

This Rapunzel Braid tutorial came from

I had seen this on Pinterest a few months back and bought the yarn for it in anticipation of one day making it for P. Today was the day. However, when I clicked on the link it said the website was no longer available.

I used two chair backs as my guide for measuring and to keep the yarn from getting tangled. I braided it and added silk flowers. The top has a felt circle & a clip glued to it. I wrapped ribbon around it too. It's good to be creative. I always wished for an occasion to braid up my hair fancy and put fresh flowers in it! Some day.....

Pinterest Inspired Day 25: Bathroom Sign

We have these wonderful friends who have beautiful twin girls the age of 3 and they are going through hell.

Cancer has silently slipped into their lives and taken over. Taken over normal. Taken over routines. Taken over schedules. Taken over sleep. Taken over emotions. Taken over hairstyles. Taken over being 3.

Keeping germs away is now a major part of their cancer filled lives. Wash, rinse, dry, sanitize. Repeat. Not only for them but for all who come in contact with them. They are officially "germaphobes" now and not by choice. When your kicking cancer's ass, a sneeze or cough could mean a month long stay in the hospital.

It's not enough that their family follows the clean & sanitize protocol everyone who has contact with them should too. It's hard to remember to keep up on the cleaning and sanitizing and it can be exhausting asking ALL THE TIME. This is the new normal.

This mod podged & painted frame is for them. Hopefully, it will help remind people to do the basic task of hand washing. ( has a similar frame with "remove your shoes")

If you would like to read more about a family's cancer fight then please read and follow:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 24: Repurposed Dress-Up Dress into Messenger Bag

When P was two she got a super special package with two beautiful dress up dresses inside. One pink and one purple. She loved them both so much that when she put one on she would instantly take it off and put the other on. They were both big on her chubby little toddler body; the skirts a good 3 inches too long. She would wear one or the other all the time.
New dress up dresses would make their way into her closet but these two were her most beloved ones.

She is now six. The last time she wore the purple one it was last September to a princess dress up party. The skirt hit her mid-calf and I could barely secure the Velcro closure in back. I was sure her arms would bust out as she danced and twirled her way around the party. She looked lovely and I was reminded just how much my girl has grown.

Often times we go through her closet to sort out clothes she has out grown. These two dresses have remained in her closet with no success at parting with them at my urging. "They still fit, mom!" she insists! I don't push it but she did surprise me a little after Easter when she was ready to part with the purple one. "Really?" I asked. "Yes, it's time to move it along but NOT the pink one."

I moved it to the garage where I had yet to part with it myself. Parting with it not only reminds me that she is growing up physically but moving on from the "princess stage" and I not ready. I. Am. Not. Ready.

I looked at this dress, lifeless, in the garage. It is frayed and ripped at some seams, has evidence of fallen ice cream and chocolate treats. Memories. I can't part with this treasure. Who would want this? It's not even fit to donate.

Last November I made a messenger bag from a wonderful tutorial from

The more I looked at this dress. The more I saw it become something else. Something that could move with P into the next stage of little girlhood. I saw it as a messenger bag.

These beloved dresses that fray and tear and share the moments of little girls lives are trimmed with lace, embroidery, velvet, ruffles, and lots of fancy satin fabric. I took the purple dress apart and salvaged the trimmings and the gorgeous purple satin skirt. I cut and sewed and presented P with a new bag. She loves it!

I have not asked her about moving the pink dress along. I am not ready. I think it might just stay in there forever.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 23: Thai Peanut Sauce Noodles with Tofu

Our little Thai food restaurant closed recently and I have had to find ways to accommodate my need for it without driving 25 miles to the closest restaurant every time I say: "I want Pad Thai! I want curry noodles! I want peanut satay!"

Searching of food on Pinterest produces a sort of Pavlov effect. I find myself drooling at every scrumptious photo. Thai food is no exception. I can almost taste the lemongrass soup or the spicey fragrant basil (insert protein). So, this brings me to noodles with peanut sauce The photos were yummy however, when I clicked on the links I found the recipes to be complicated, loaded with ingredients that would require a special trip to an Asian specialty market (there is not one in this county).  I was ready to make "Spicey Peanut Noodles" (the photo was almost edible) but it required a minimum chilling time of 2 hours and then there was the whole "serve chilled" idea that turned me off.

After getting my appetite worked up for a peanut Thai dish I googled recipes and ended up making one from Everyday Food Magazine. Yes, Martha Stewart is fail safe! It was easy with simple ingredients and cook & serve.

Two things I changed: I used 1 carrot, 1/2 chopped broccoli, 1/2 cup julienned red bell pepper and 1/2 cup snow peas. I wanted it to be packed with veggies! I also cooked my tofu separately and added it when all the ingredients are mixed together. This is a family/kid friendly one pot meal. You could use any meat or even shrimp too! We like ours on the spicey side so, we added Siracha sauce!

Pinterest Inspired Day 22: Shake & See Quiet Activity

Didn't find this item on Piterest. I had seen one in a store some years ago. I guess making something each day has sort of brought the mental board to the surface. The one we all have where we see something and say "I'll have to remember that" and then we forget it.

Since we are traveling in a few weeks I thought I would make to quiet busy activities for J. Two things that made this one come together: 1. I had clear vinyl and 2. I had a bowl on the counter of a collection of little tiny treasures too small for J to play with.

I used fleece for the main body construction. Cut a circle in one square and sewed a vinyl square to cover it then I sewed rick-rack around the edge of the circle. See the two squares together. I attempted a grommet in one corner but I needed a larger grommet tool. Instead, I zig-zag stitched a small circle and put a carabiner through the hole so it could easily hang off the stroller. I put in my tiny treasures and filled the square with rice. It is a huge hit for both children. I put in about 25 things to find from sequins to a tiny panda bear. No I need to put it away until our trip so J can discover it again with excitement!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 21: Cloth Headband

P Has crazy hair. It's curly but she doesn't like it curly so, she brushes the top layer with a fuzzy brush and well, it looks wild. She hardly ever allows me to braid it or create a cute "up do" instead, letting it reach out in all directions like a darling little Medusa head!

She will wear headbands, or at least start the day with a headband. She usually wears them just at her hairline where they seem to be the least effective at keeping the hair out of her face.

I found an easy to follow tutorial for fabric headbands on

I especially like this project because it allows me to thin out my scrap stash. A printable pattern is available with the tutorial. I did find the finished headband to be much to wide for P's head (and she has a huge head). I will try again and narrow the pattern down a bit. These would also make great sticking stuffers or just a little extra something in a gift for a little girl or a big girl who likes headbands :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 20: S'mores Popcorn

I love camping. I miss camping. We don't camp much these days. I don't have much of an excuse as to why we don't other than it just doesn't happen.

Campfires are the most magical fantastic part of camping. They way it dances around in the darkness and they way its scent attaches itself to you and stays with you until you wash it out; sending it down the drain.

Another magical part of the camping and campfire experience is s'mores! Yummy deliciousness in a graham cracker, chocolate, blackened sugary ball of mmmmmm! Leaving behind sticky fingertips. I was having a slight craving for s'mores recently. In the store marshmallows and Hershey bars are calling out to me.... I found a recipe for s'mores popcorn on Pinterest {}. It satisfied my craving for s'mores. It is delicious and easy to eat/transport in snack cups.

The recipe calls for 1 1/2 bags of microwave popcorn. I don't cook popcorn in the microwave, so I popped 1/2 cup and that made enough. I started to "drizzle" the chocolate straight from the bowl. It sort of glopped out so, I scooped up a spoonful and gently flicked it over the trays. It worked like a dream. I think when I make this again I might add some caramel sauce too!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 19: Sleeping Beauty Dress

P loves princesses but her most favorite is Sleeping Beauty. The funny thing is, she does not have a Sleeping Beauty dress up dress. When a holiday or birthday rolls around she either asks for a different princess dress or something else altogether.

I saw on Pinterest a photo of a darling little girl in a DIY Sleeping Beauty dress. I was so excited about it and pinned it. However, the link was spam. It happens a lot but fortunately, I still had the photo.

I bought 3 Tshirts from JoAnn's. 1 XL hot pink, one youth large hot pink, and one medium white. The colors and sizes were limited because they were on a super special deal this weekend.

The XL I used as the skirt part. The youth large I used as the bodice. I cut the sleeves and several inches off the bottom. Then cut up the front at a curve on either side of the center. I added piping detail in light pink. Then I took the top in on either side and added the sleeves back thinner and with elastic. I used the white shirt for the enhanced neckline and the peplum on the skirt. I also added a felt flower detail on the center of the neck.

This turned out great and I know this because once P put it on she didn't take it off until bedtime. She even hung it up so it would be ready to wear the next day. It was fairly easy and very inexpensive to up cycle Tshirts even without a pattern. This would be a great way to make any one of the princess dresses. I would recommend using two or more XL shirts for the skirt so it has added fullness. Also, these are great dress up dresses for outside play and they are machine washable.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 18: Floor Cushion

This is my favorite "pin it make it" item so far! I have been drooling over the Land of Nod's floor cushions for quite sometime. They are pricey and have limited fabric choices to choose from. I was very happy when I stumbled upon this great tutorial:

It was easy to follow and written clearly. However, the side fabric measurement should be 53.5 inches not 51.5 inches. I came up two inches short on my first one then double checked the math. Which I pleasantly surprised myself in knowing! I should also add that if math was written in everyday language or in "Molly terms" then I would have excelled greatly!

More to the point: Land of Nod has these in several sizes. If you know how to find the circumference of the circle then you can also make these in any size. c = d x 3.14

My second change was the handle. I didn't like how the rectangle handle looked when finished. On the second one I triangled the ends. I liked this better. Also, decorator fabric frays pretty easily so, if you don't have a server then make sure to zig-zag the edges. It will take a bit more time but will be very worth it!

P & J love these! They sit on them, toss them around, bang on them and rest on them. I think this might be my gift for birthdays this year! So easy and so fun!

Pinterest Inspired Day 17: Quinoa

I haven't been acquainted with quinoa for very long. However, when I have tried it I have not been disappointed.

Alone, quinoa has a very robust flavor and adding ingredients only enhances and compliments this. Quinoa is a light and fluffy whole grain packed with protein. It is a super food in every sense. It is amazingly versatile too and can substitute for rice, be made into patties, pancakes, muffins, etc....

I hear the weather is summery around the country. Here it continues to be sweater weather with a few days maybe reaching into the lower 70s for maybe an hour before it settles back into the upper 50s-mid 60s. Needless to say, I am hungry for sunshine and heat! If I can't have my weather be summery then my menu will be. Today I made Blueberry-Mango Quinoa Salad with a Fresh Lemon and Basil dressing. The recipe came from

It was amazing! Very easy to put together and just sensational! We were headed to my parent's house for dinner today so, I made this and doubled it since the recipe said it serves two. Doubling it was way too much. I think serves two meant two main course portions. Happy to have some leftovers to snack on for lunch today but I doubt it will keep long with the dressing. This dish is a refreshing and tasty delight. I will make it again very soon.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 16: Batik with Elmer's Glue

P is turning into quite the master artist and we are continually trying to find new ways for her to expand her talent. We have countless coloring books completed from cover to cover, a trail knee deep throughout the house of single sheets of white paper illustrated with a curly haired girl meeting mermaids, playing with princesses or snuggling a puppy.

She takes art classes at the local museum and really enjoys it. She comes home covered in pastels. Her portfolio is becoming quite impressive.

One thing she really loves to do is paint. Today I decided to try a little different approach to painting: batik!

The wax & dye method is not kid friendly. Lucky for me I found on Pinterest a kid friendly method! {}

Here it is:
Elmer's school glue or gel glue
Cotton fabric
Acrylic paints

Draw your design in the cotton cloth using the glue (the website recommended gel glue but we used school glue because that's what we had on hand and it worked fine). Let the glue dry completely. Then paint over your design & all over the cloth with watered down acrylic paints. Let dry again. Then soak in hot water for 15-20 minutes to allow the glue to dissolve. Dry again and your art work is complete!

Gel glue might work better to have more control over how much glue is used when drawing your design. P's got a bit gloppy in spots. Also, acrylics are permanent so, make sure little ones where smocks! This project would work well for 5 and over.

P really enjoyed creating this even though it was time consuming and there was lots of waiting time!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 15: Disneyland Countdown

The magic kingdom, full of lovely princesses, awaits Miss P. She gets to go on a Disneyland adventure with her beloved Gree-Gree ; J & I get to tag along too!

We are still roughly two weeks out from our adventure. School has ended and with nothing really to distract P's attention for the day she has become a bit obsessive about asking "are we going to Disneyland today?" It's exhausting.

She has made a picture of herself and each princess to give to them when she is there. I have been assigned the task to keep track of them. Honestly, I know that Belle's and Jasmine's pictures are lost but never fear I am sure she'll draw at least 5 more sets of each before we leave.

Pinterest has many ideas for countdowns of various holidays and activities. I pinned several ideas for Advent calendars. I made this countdown for Disneyland out of scraps of paper I had strewn about my craft table. Glittery ribbon I have stockpiled! I googled Disneyland Castle silhouette and printed and then traced it onto patterned paper. This was fun to make and I approached this with a different idea in my mind and ended up with this! Creativity is wonderful!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 14: Nature Scavenger Hunt

Pinterest is loaded with various scavenger hunt pins. My favorite is picture cards from I will make these to keep in our backpack for future outdoor adventures.

Today I just made up a sheet with a list if items on it for P to check off. I looked at several lists and picked what to put on our list. It would be very simple to create a tailored list for the area you are visiting: beach, woods, desert, etc...

This is an excellent activity for a child who needs motivation to hike or just be outdoors. My children do not need such motivation. P found 80% of what was on the list within five feet of the car. Then she was so excited about the hike and running crazy that she really "needed" me to carry her notebook. It did help to facilitate a little further discussions about the surroundings but beyond that not much else. Like I said, P & J love exploring, looking for bugs, flowers, and catching salamanders. A more challenging list might be good with more specific options like certain bugs to find or color specific flowers. But then I have to ask myself if I want to carry the notebook.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 13: Bailey's Over Coffee Ice Cubes

I love coffee drinks but I usually rely on Starbucks to make my personal coffee beverages. I make a chai tea every morning that I share with J.

Today, I made coffee. I made coffee so I could fill up an ice tray with it and freeze it. Once it was frozen and a reasonable hour in the day had been reached I broke out the cubes, placed them in a glass and drowned them in Bailey's Irish Creme. Then I enjoyed this personal coffee beverage that I made myself. It was FANTASTIC! Wow! It even got better as the coffee ice cubes melted. Maybe I'll make more coffee tomorrow....

Pinterest Inspired Day 12: Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy! Oh, I just swoon at the mere mention of his name. Pride & Prejudice is a book I can read over and over again. I have recently introduced P to my love affair with Jane Austen. We sometimes read a little Emma at bedtime or have girly movie nights snuggling on the couch and watching the BBC miniseries of Pride & Prejudice. She is very fond of Lizzie and Mr. Darcy. She was quick to point out what a spoiled selfish brat Lydia was too. Piper especially likes the fashions and hats with ribbons.

As I look at P & J and see how quickly they are growing I can't help but wonder who they will grow up to be a Mr. Darcy perhaps? Or the strong willed Lizzie? I can only hope!

Pinterest has a lot of delicious Jane Austen pins! I came up with this shirt all on my own. We need more Mr. Darcy's in our world.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 11: Doorway Puppet Theatre

We love the Muppets here and have introduced P & J to the tv episodes. Piper laughs so hard at the silliness she sometimes forgets to breathe!

On our walk to school this morning she told me she wanted to make some Muppets and put on a show for us. She then went on to decide who the special guest would be! At 6, the list is pretty short.

Today's inspired by Pinterest item is a doorway puppet theatre. Piper loved this item! And Jack loved to run through it and throw a variety of goods through the stage window. It was rather easy to make and would have been much easier of I used a twin size sheet (less sewing). I kept it simple and it is easy to put up and easy to store with loads of fun & imaginative play guaranteed! I did not reference a website for measuring or how to advice just looked through the pins and made my own. Next up....Puppets!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day Ten: Nutella Cheesecake Bars

Nutella is one food I could never tire of eating. In fact, I purposely rarely buy it because it doesn't stay in our pantry long as I eat it by the spoonful all hours of the day.

In a quest to diversify my Nutella experiences I have pinned several Nutella recipes. On this Sunday the weather was lovely so, we walked to the park. Played for two hours and walk home. I was worn out by noon. I found an easy to follow recipe for cheesecake bars from

The recipe used a food processor but I think it would have been easier to use a hand mixer. Also, I think it might have been better with a graham cracker crust instead of a chocolate cookie crust. Nutella is so delicious that I wanted more taste from it and I felt the chocolate crust overpowered the Nutella.

My bars did not come out with three lovely layers, however. Nonetheless, I love cheesecake and these bars did not disappoint.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 9: Driftwood Boats

We live on the edge of the continent; a stone's throw from the Pacific Ocean. Many hours have been logged building sandcastles, chasing waves, searching for mermaids, and collecting treasures!

Today's pin it make it utilizes a few of those treasures that have found their way from the beach and into our home: driftwood. Jack is an expert stick collector and when he doesn't throw them back to the waves or let Tucker run off with them, they usually make it into our car and eventually become garden accessories.

I have spied a few crafty ideas on Pinterest using beach treasures and I am always keen on crafty things for boys. These are simple to make and one could use a variety of materials for the sails and embellishments. I am always excited to use grommets! I just love grommets! These lovely natural boat creations may even become Father's Day gifts and would be well received by ones who live far away from the seashore.

Pinterest Inspired Day 8: Epsom Salt Pedicure

Summertime means barefeet and pretty painted toes! I saw a lot of pins for pedicures on Pinterest. People do a lot of fancy painting on their nails. I was more interested in how to get my feet pedicure smooth at home.

One pin used Listerine and shaving cream. I tried that a few weeks back and it worked ok. Having said that I have not done that again.

Today I tried an at home pedicure using Epsom Salts. It is from

My feet are soft and smooth and Epsom salt makes your feet relaxed. Also, it doesn't smell odd like the shaving cream/Listerine one.

The problem with it was you had to soak your feet for half an hour to soften up the dead skin. A half an hour is a long time to sit soaking your feet. Especially with a two year old in need of your attention! The water turned cold after ten minutes too.

They recommend that you repeat this process everyday for five days. I don't know if I can find time in my day to do this daily. At least not time when the children are awake and I am usually to tired to stay up much later then them.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 7: Doctor Who

I have find memories of watching Doctor Who on Saturday mornings with my childhood friend, Sarah. When the show was over, we would then act out the show. We would make my dog be k-9 and the Daleks were so frightening (at least to my young mind).

Tom Baker was the Doctor Who of my generation. An odd looking gentleman who wore a trademark scarf. Not just any scarf this scarf was extra extra long in muted striped tones.

Today's pin it make it item was a sort of collaboration of several pinned ideas. I adore the soft cloth bodied dolls. When searching the Internet for patterns/ideas I found a photo of several Doctor Who softies and of course I had to try it! (I know, he needs mor red tones in his scarf.)

For some great inspiration for soft bodied dolls check out the tutorial on for Black Apple Dolls (they are also on Etsy too).

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day Six: Blueberry Bundt Cake

It's funny how when the weather is nice outside I am less inclined to be indoors crafting and more inclined to be outside looking for slugs and ladybugs with P & J.

After our bug expedition we still needed to eat and I had blueberries in my refrigerator. I opted for a Blueberry Bundt cake from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food Magazine. Wow! This cake was not only easy to make it tastes incredible! It is one of those foods that doesn't need anything else to make it "that much better" because it is "that much better" all by itself!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day Five: Bicycle Bucket

I have been searching high and low for a hip little basket for the kid's bikes. My only options have been hot pink plastic baskets that look & feel as if they will fall apart going over the first speed bump.

Then, Pinterest to the rescue! I came across the most adorable fabric bicycle bucket {}. This was the hip basket I had been searching for and I could make it from scraps I had in my stash! Hooray!

I gathered my materials and when my little guy was asleep, I went to work. There is one pattern piece that you need to download otherwise it is simple measure & cut.

My basket failed. I found the tutorial to be a bit wordy and a bit overly complicated. My stiff fusible lining did not fit neatly into the basket, especially the bottom. It was difficult to then iron it. Perhaps it might have been easier to sew the fusible lining onto the interior of the bag so that it was anchored securely before ironing. Anyway, I was more frustrated by it that I didn't even finish the handle strap. I will think this through for a simpler solution and try again....maybe tomorrow:) I love the bicycle basket and want to make it work for our bikes!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day Four

Well, it's Monday. I don't usually feel too inspired on Mondays as we reestablish our routine for the week. So, I made food that I had pinned.

The first was cherry kiss cookies from I have made these before for a Christmas party last December. There were hardly crumbs left. These cookies are so scrumptious! They have the right amount of sweetness mixed with chocolate. Also, they are pink! I am secretly hoping I can host a baby shower for someone and make these treats.

Since I had made the cherry kiss cookies before I kinda sorta felt that was cheating a bit on my Pinterest challenge and I made dinner to from my pin board. My crockpot is the "go to" dinner maker, especially when I have a "case of the Mondays". Today, it pulled through for us once again. I made chicken tacos {}. These were amazing! Just 4 ingredients 4 hours on low and just add tortillas along with your chosen toppings and the meal is done. This may just be my "case of the Mondays" staple.

Pinterest Inspired Day Three: Pillowcase Dress

I love sundresses in little girls but being on the Oregon coast my little girl doesn't have much need for one.

Fortunately this summer we are headed to southern California for a few days. These pillowcase dresses are popping up everywhere and are too cut to pass up a try at making one.

I pinned a tutorial from

This tutorial was very user friendly with simple to follow instructions for both elastic casing and fabric tie casing. I chose elastic casing and added piping to the band. I like piping and think it gives a more finished look to the dress. There is also a pattern to download on this site too. However, I would have liked a simple PDF file instead of being directed to a sharing site that gave me a bunch of pop-ups.

Piper loves this dress and will wear it rain or shine! I am sure I will have an occasion to make more for her.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pinterest Inspired: Day Two

Today's "Make It" item was a colorful Pinwheel Wreath for our front door. Honestly, a new door decoration was needed since my Easter wreath was still hanging up.

The pinned tutorial came from
It was very user friendly with photos for most every step. The tutorial called for a foam wreath and I had a straw one on hand so, I used that. It worked fine but I think a foam one would be better as it is a little thinner and the pins would stick in better.

I did find this craft a bit more labor then I anticipated. However, the finished product is well worth the time & effort.

Mother Nature will have the final say as to if this will weather the outdoors.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Pinterest Inspired

June has begun and so has my personal challenge of making something each day this month. I am using Pinterest as my starting point for inspiration. I have pinned enough beautiful ideas for food/crafts/photographs/organizing etc... That I have more than 30days worth of activities to keep my creative side active.

Day One: when I first discovered Pinterest in January, one of my first pins was a felt tiara. I instantly fell in love with these little beauties. The vibrant colors and the simplicity of the felt material transforms into a lovely royal accessory. I must make it! I did. It took roughly 3 hours from start to finish. It was all hand seen and then a glue gun was used to added the jewels. I loved it so much it was hard to part from it and hand it over to Piper. It does look lovely on her precious curly head and can just make another for myself.