Monday, June 11, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 11: Doorway Puppet Theatre

We love the Muppets here and have introduced P & J to the tv episodes. Piper laughs so hard at the silliness she sometimes forgets to breathe!

On our walk to school this morning she told me she wanted to make some Muppets and put on a show for us. She then went on to decide who the special guest would be! At 6, the list is pretty short.

Today's inspired by Pinterest item is a doorway puppet theatre. Piper loved this item! And Jack loved to run through it and throw a variety of goods through the stage window. It was rather easy to make and would have been much easier of I used a twin size sheet (less sewing). I kept it simple and it is easy to put up and easy to store with loads of fun & imaginative play guaranteed! I did not reference a website for measuring or how to advice just looked through the pins and made my own. Next up....Puppets!

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