Friday, June 15, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 15: Disneyland Countdown

The magic kingdom, full of lovely princesses, awaits Miss P. She gets to go on a Disneyland adventure with her beloved Gree-Gree ; J & I get to tag along too!

We are still roughly two weeks out from our adventure. School has ended and with nothing really to distract P's attention for the day she has become a bit obsessive about asking "are we going to Disneyland today?" It's exhausting.

She has made a picture of herself and each princess to give to them when she is there. I have been assigned the task to keep track of them. Honestly, I know that Belle's and Jasmine's pictures are lost but never fear I am sure she'll draw at least 5 more sets of each before we leave.

Pinterest has many ideas for countdowns of various holidays and activities. I pinned several ideas for Advent calendars. I made this countdown for Disneyland out of scraps of paper I had strewn about my craft table. Glittery ribbon I have stockpiled! I googled Disneyland Castle silhouette and printed and then traced it onto patterned paper. This was fun to make and I approached this with a different idea in my mind and ended up with this! Creativity is wonderful!

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