Monday, June 18, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 17: Quinoa

I haven't been acquainted with quinoa for very long. However, when I have tried it I have not been disappointed.

Alone, quinoa has a very robust flavor and adding ingredients only enhances and compliments this. Quinoa is a light and fluffy whole grain packed with protein. It is a super food in every sense. It is amazingly versatile too and can substitute for rice, be made into patties, pancakes, muffins, etc....

I hear the weather is summery around the country. Here it continues to be sweater weather with a few days maybe reaching into the lower 70s for maybe an hour before it settles back into the upper 50s-mid 60s. Needless to say, I am hungry for sunshine and heat! If I can't have my weather be summery then my menu will be. Today I made Blueberry-Mango Quinoa Salad with a Fresh Lemon and Basil dressing. The recipe came from

It was amazing! Very easy to put together and just sensational! We were headed to my parent's house for dinner today so, I made this and doubled it since the recipe said it serves two. Doubling it was way too much. I think serves two meant two main course portions. Happy to have some leftovers to snack on for lunch today but I doubt it will keep long with the dressing. This dish is a refreshing and tasty delight. I will make it again very soon.

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