Monday, June 18, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 18: Floor Cushion

This is my favorite "pin it make it" item so far! I have been drooling over the Land of Nod's floor cushions for quite sometime. They are pricey and have limited fabric choices to choose from. I was very happy when I stumbled upon this great tutorial:

It was easy to follow and written clearly. However, the side fabric measurement should be 53.5 inches not 51.5 inches. I came up two inches short on my first one then double checked the math. Which I pleasantly surprised myself in knowing! I should also add that if math was written in everyday language or in "Molly terms" then I would have excelled greatly!

More to the point: Land of Nod has these in several sizes. If you know how to find the circumference of the circle then you can also make these in any size. c = d x 3.14

My second change was the handle. I didn't like how the rectangle handle looked when finished. On the second one I triangled the ends. I liked this better. Also, decorator fabric frays pretty easily so, if you don't have a server then make sure to zig-zag the edges. It will take a bit more time but will be very worth it!

P & J love these! They sit on them, toss them around, bang on them and rest on them. I think this might be my gift for birthdays this year! So easy and so fun!

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