Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 19: Sleeping Beauty Dress

P loves princesses but her most favorite is Sleeping Beauty. The funny thing is, she does not have a Sleeping Beauty dress up dress. When a holiday or birthday rolls around she either asks for a different princess dress or something else altogether.

I saw on Pinterest a photo of a darling little girl in a DIY Sleeping Beauty dress. I was so excited about it and pinned it. However, the link was spam. It happens a lot but fortunately, I still had the photo.

I bought 3 Tshirts from JoAnn's. 1 XL hot pink, one youth large hot pink, and one medium white. The colors and sizes were limited because they were on a super special deal this weekend.

The XL I used as the skirt part. The youth large I used as the bodice. I cut the sleeves and several inches off the bottom. Then cut up the front at a curve on either side of the center. I added piping detail in light pink. Then I took the top in on either side and added the sleeves back thinner and with elastic. I used the white shirt for the enhanced neckline and the peplum on the skirt. I also added a felt flower detail on the center of the neck.

This turned out great and I know this because once P put it on she didn't take it off until bedtime. She even hung it up so it would be ready to wear the next day. It was fairly easy and very inexpensive to up cycle Tshirts even without a pattern. This would be a great way to make any one of the princess dresses. I would recommend using two or more XL shirts for the skirt so it has added fullness. Also, these are great dress up dresses for outside play and they are machine washable.

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