Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 21: Cloth Headband

P Has crazy hair. It's curly but she doesn't like it curly so, she brushes the top layer with a fuzzy brush and well, it looks wild. She hardly ever allows me to braid it or create a cute "up do" instead, letting it reach out in all directions like a darling little Medusa head!

She will wear headbands, or at least start the day with a headband. She usually wears them just at her hairline where they seem to be the least effective at keeping the hair out of her face.

I found an easy to follow tutorial for fabric headbands on

I especially like this project because it allows me to thin out my scrap stash. A printable pattern is available with the tutorial. I did find the finished headband to be much to wide for P's head (and she has a huge head). I will try again and narrow the pattern down a bit. These would also make great sticking stuffers or just a little extra something in a gift for a little girl or a big girl who likes headbands :)

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