Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 22: Shake & See Quiet Activity

Didn't find this item on Piterest. I had seen one in a store some years ago. I guess making something each day has sort of brought the mental board to the surface. The one we all have where we see something and say "I'll have to remember that" and then we forget it.

Since we are traveling in a few weeks I thought I would make to quiet busy activities for J. Two things that made this one come together: 1. I had clear vinyl and 2. I had a bowl on the counter of a collection of little tiny treasures too small for J to play with.

I used fleece for the main body construction. Cut a circle in one square and sewed a vinyl square to cover it then I sewed rick-rack around the edge of the circle. See the two squares together. I attempted a grommet in one corner but I needed a larger grommet tool. Instead, I zig-zag stitched a small circle and put a carabiner through the hole so it could easily hang off the stroller. I put in my tiny treasures and filled the square with rice. It is a huge hit for both children. I put in about 25 things to find from sequins to a tiny panda bear. No I need to put it away until our trip so J can discover it again with excitement!

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