Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 26: Rapunzel Braid

I have princesses on the brain! It seems I am doing a lot of princess crafts this week. It is lots of fun to connect with my inner princess self and it brings me joy to see P light up with happiness at princess things too. Soon enough she will be into another stage and I want to keep this little girl princess fun stage going as long as I can.

This Rapunzel Braid tutorial came from loveinourchaos.com

I had seen this on Pinterest a few months back and bought the yarn for it in anticipation of one day making it for P. Today was the day. However, when I clicked on the link it said the website was no longer available.

I used two chair backs as my guide for measuring and to keep the yarn from getting tangled. I braided it and added silk flowers. The top has a felt circle & a clip glued to it. I wrapped ribbon around it too. It's good to be creative. I always wished for an occasion to braid up my hair fancy and put fresh flowers in it! Some day.....

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