Friday, June 8, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 7: Doctor Who

I have find memories of watching Doctor Who on Saturday mornings with my childhood friend, Sarah. When the show was over, we would then act out the show. We would make my dog be k-9 and the Daleks were so frightening (at least to my young mind).

Tom Baker was the Doctor Who of my generation. An odd looking gentleman who wore a trademark scarf. Not just any scarf this scarf was extra extra long in muted striped tones.

Today's pin it make it item was a sort of collaboration of several pinned ideas. I adore the soft cloth bodied dolls. When searching the Internet for patterns/ideas I found a photo of several Doctor Who softies and of course I had to try it! (I know, he needs mor red tones in his scarf.)

For some great inspiration for soft bodied dolls check out the tutorial on for Black Apple Dolls (they are also on Etsy too).

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