Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day 8: Epsom Salt Pedicure

Summertime means barefeet and pretty painted toes! I saw a lot of pins for pedicures on Pinterest. People do a lot of fancy painting on their nails. I was more interested in how to get my feet pedicure smooth at home.

One pin used Listerine and shaving cream. I tried that a few weeks back and it worked ok. Having said that I have not done that again.

Today I tried an at home pedicure using Epsom Salts. It is from

My feet are soft and smooth and Epsom salt makes your feet relaxed. Also, it doesn't smell odd like the shaving cream/Listerine one.

The problem with it was you had to soak your feet for half an hour to soften up the dead skin. A half an hour is a long time to sit soaking your feet. Especially with a two year old in need of your attention! The water turned cold after ten minutes too.

They recommend that you repeat this process everyday for five days. I don't know if I can find time in my day to do this daily. At least not time when the children are awake and I am usually to tired to stay up much later then them.

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