Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day Five: Bicycle Bucket

I have been searching high and low for a hip little basket for the kid's bikes. My only options have been hot pink plastic baskets that look & feel as if they will fall apart going over the first speed bump.

Then, Pinterest to the rescue! I came across the most adorable fabric bicycle bucket {noodle-head.com}. This was the hip basket I had been searching for and I could make it from scraps I had in my stash! Hooray!

I gathered my materials and when my little guy was asleep, I went to work. There is one pattern piece that you need to download otherwise it is simple measure & cut.

My basket failed. I found the tutorial to be a bit wordy and a bit overly complicated. My stiff fusible lining did not fit neatly into the basket, especially the bottom. It was difficult to then iron it. Perhaps it might have been easier to sew the fusible lining onto the interior of the bag so that it was anchored securely before ironing. Anyway, I was more frustrated by it that I didn't even finish the handle strap. I will think this through for a simpler solution and try again....maybe tomorrow:) I love the bicycle basket and want to make it work for our bikes!

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