Monday, June 4, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day Four

Well, it's Monday. I don't usually feel too inspired on Mondays as we reestablish our routine for the week. So, I made food that I had pinned.

The first was cherry kiss cookies from I have made these before for a Christmas party last December. There were hardly crumbs left. These cookies are so scrumptious! They have the right amount of sweetness mixed with chocolate. Also, they are pink! I am secretly hoping I can host a baby shower for someone and make these treats.

Since I had made the cherry kiss cookies before I kinda sorta felt that was cheating a bit on my Pinterest challenge and I made dinner to from my pin board. My crockpot is the "go to" dinner maker, especially when I have a "case of the Mondays". Today, it pulled through for us once again. I made chicken tacos {}. These were amazing! Just 4 ingredients 4 hours on low and just add tortillas along with your chosen toppings and the meal is done. This may just be my "case of the Mondays" staple.

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