Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Day Ten: Nutella Cheesecake Bars

Nutella is one food I could never tire of eating. In fact, I purposely rarely buy it because it doesn't stay in our pantry long as I eat it by the spoonful all hours of the day.

In a quest to diversify my Nutella experiences I have pinned several Nutella recipes. On this Sunday the weather was lovely so, we walked to the park. Played for two hours and walk home. I was worn out by noon. I found an easy to follow recipe for cheesecake bars from

The recipe used a food processor but I think it would have been easier to use a hand mixer. Also, I think it might have been better with a graham cracker crust instead of a chocolate cookie crust. Nutella is so delicious that I wanted more taste from it and I felt the chocolate crust overpowered the Nutella.

My bars did not come out with three lovely layers, however. Nonetheless, I love cheesecake and these bars did not disappoint.

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