Friday, January 11, 2013

And Then She was Gone....

My family moved a lot when I was a child. I was frequently starting new schools and doing my best to make friends wherever we moved.

I was always the one that moved away; not the one that stayed.

It turns out, little P is the one who stays. In first grade she has actual friends. It's no longer just kids she attends school with, sits by at lunch, or plays with at recess. She has little girl friends she shares stories with, plans outfits to dress alike with, makes gifts for, writes notes too, plans play dates, and talks about "when we are in second grade together...."

One dear little friend goes away in the winter to play in the snow but thankfully returns in the spring. One friend, her BFF, has moved to the next town over, the next school district over. She has moved away.

This is most heartbreaking for P. This is a new role for me. I'm always the one that went away, I am not the one that stays. P is the one that stays. I am at a loss for what to say. So far, it's a lot of stuff like "we'll plan a play date soon!" or "I'm sorry your friend won't be at school anymore."

She is handling it well, staying positive. I guess I thought my friends forgot about me when I moved away and I am seeing that maybe they didn't and maybe they were sad, like P, that I wasn't there to play with anymore.

I'm going to plan a play date for P and her little friend very soon!

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