Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Best Friend, Coffee.

It seems that J has developed a pattern of waking up before the sun. I mean way before. Some mornings it has been as early as 3 AM. This is not an "ease into wakefulness" this is "I am ready to take on the day!"

This is motherhood.

"Mom! Let's get up!" he shouts in my face and then gives me a big smooch. He wants toast with butter and some water along with cartoons of some sort. I shuffle about and do my best to keep my eyelids from closing for a prolonged period. Sometimes I try winking, giving one eye a rest and then the other, this is more work than what it is worth but it's 3 AM.

I do love coffee and these early, early mornings have given me a new respect for it. However, one time J fell back asleep just as I finished my first cup of the morning.....I cried.

Today he decided to wake up P at about 3:45. This turned out to not be a good plan. P needs her sleep or she is a beast and I can't give her coffee to help the rest if us but I can drink coffee. I drink coffee and it allows me to handle the wild that awakens each morning before the sun, with ease. I drink coffee because it understands.

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