Thursday, January 10, 2013

She's Crafty.

I have signed up for a craft swap. This will be my first ever (official) craft swap. I am really excited about it. It is organized by Sew Delicious. We are to make a zippered pouch and fill it with chocolates or other sweets and send it along to our assigned partner.

I got my partner details today! She is a lovely lass in Perth, Australia. I have started stalking her....not in that creepy sort of stalking way.....ok, stalking sounds creepy in any sense. I have checked out her blog and started following her on the ever growing assortment of social media outlets.

Once P finds out I am making something for Australia all bets are off! P will take over and insist I find out about all the animals there, what language they speak and how to speak it, do they have princesses, what the weather is like, and what natural disasters could possibly maybe occur there.

I should have my baby back from the repair shop this weekend. Now the big question is do I make something with ruffles or pleats?

P.S. there is still time to join the swap! Just click on the Sew Delicious link:

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  1. ruffles...not ruffles...oh i don't know! you decide :)