Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Snail Mail

On my list of goals for this year is to send more snail mail. I'm pleased to announce that I have a dozen or so envelopes addressed and ready to mail.

I did get some help from Shutterfly as they are photo cards. Some have a little thank you note inside too. I like to let people know how they made our holidays special. I use Shutterfly for just about every card sending holiday there is and more. It helps that they send a lot of freebies and coupons to my inbox.

They do make it easy to whip out an attractive photo card while your 2 & 6 year old have ripped the sheets off your bed into a big pile thrown the pillows on top and have challenged each other to a daring game of who can jump the highest and farthest off Mom's bed before she notices.....all this with screaming too!

My goal for the snail mail increase is to try to send at least one handwritten card a week. Any photo cards crafted via Shutterfly will just be a bonus! Remember, there are handwritten notes in about half my stack of ready to be mailed.

Also, for the record I love to get mail too!

It is fun to send a smile or a hug to someone far away. If you are reading this and know someone who needs a note in their mailbox, please follow this blog and send a message with the details and I will be more than happy to send a snail mail note along.

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