Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Terrible Twos Aren't so Bad the Second Time Around

The closer J gets to 3 the more the words "No!" "Don't!" "Stop!" are in my everyday vocabulary. It's frustrating mainly because my over reacting is inefficient in defusing whatever age appropriate albeit annoying behavior J is demonstrating at the time. Currently, he likes to stick his tongue out and blow.

Most of the time I find his two year oldness a breath of fresh air compared to his sister's. Not that I am big on comparing the two of them, I mean one has a penis one does not. They are different. They are different in more ways than just physical. It is just great to watch them be different and mesh together their likenesses. It is best to watch them be brother and sister, siblings, best friends. The one true person guaranteed to be there.

P is more of an endurance racer at every task she lays out to accomplish and once accomplished, she moves on. J is just a recreational racer and does a task until he gets bored or distracted.

Parenting takes patience, love and the fine art of finesse to know that one does not parent different children the same way.

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