Sunday, January 13, 2013

That was a Lousy Way to End it.

I received a message in the morning saying "it's a great day for football!" It turns out it was a lousy day for football.

In the pre-game show, Boomer promised and all but guaranteed that the Ravens would wear out due to the altitude long before this game was over. Boomer lied to me!

P told me these things during the game:

1. If I love football so much, then I should marry it. (If football asked, I would have said yes.)
2. Football is bad for my health and maybe I shouldn't watch it anymore. (I now have the off season to get healthy enough to play again.)

At one point my family was in the other room and I was alone with the T.V. jumping up and down,  yelling and screaming. I was hot and flustered.

Football is an emotion.

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