Sunday, January 6, 2013

You can take the Girl Out of the South....

One time at a Chinese restaurant P tried to order her food in Spanish and kept saying "gracias" to our server every time her water glass was filled.

With her increased interest in learning French P has become more aware of the accents people around her have.

Most notably her Tennessee bred & born grandmother who, although has not lived in the volunteer state for several decades still pronounces words with a minimum of two syllables and adds "honey" onto the end of most terms of endearment. If she has spoken to her sister over the phone we can always tell as her accent becomes greatly increased with twanginess. Southern is its own language altogether.

It's time to plan a trip to the deep south and introduce P to her extended family. She now likes to add "honey" to her affectionate terms and can twang and add syllables when necessary!


  1. Disclaimer- I was born and raised in the St Louis area.

    When I lived/worked in northeast Alabama, I was a program manager and therefore answered the phone. After I would hang up a call the other staff in the office would call out "Mobile, eh?" or "Atlanta?". It seems, unknowingly, I would answer the phone, listen to the person on the other end and adapt my acquired southern accent to match the twang of whomever I was speaking to.

  2. WHOOP. Go Miss P. The boys love it when I collect them at school using my 'trailer trash voice.'