Thursday, February 28, 2013

One Day.

Motherhood arrived on a beautiful spring morning in May. I was so giddy about it the midwife told me later that I was laughing when I called in to tell her my water broke.

P was here. A sweet little bundle of perfection that I had grown in my belly and with the help of medical science, and a very skilled surgeon, was able to get out of my body with relative safety. I was a mommy!

At five days old this happened: "Look at her fingers! Do you think she'll play the piano when she is older?"

WHAT? OLDER? We just waited 9 months for her to arrive and now you want her to grow up!

I was relishing every single second of this baby. Every feeding, every spit up, every bath time, every meconium filled diaper, every cry, every involuntary shiver....EVERYTHING AT THIS MOMENT! I am not thinking ahead to tomorrow let alone 10 years from now! SHUT UP!

At eight weeks: I had been subject to an impromptu baby welcoming party. Which included a lot of nonsensical chit chat and unwarranted parenting advice that always began with "don't do this...." or "you're doing this wrong...." (I have recently seen a onesie with "my mom doesn't need your advice" printed on it. A brilliant idea.)

It was difficult to smile through the party with the mix of sleep deprivation, engorgement and a crying baby that every woman needed to pass around but not to me.

Then the topic turned to "What do you want her to be when she grows up?"

I DON'T WANT HER TO GROW UP! NOT TODAY! She was just out of her newborn clothes by this time. I was sad by this growth spurt and sad that I already had to put away part of her wardrobe.

But what odd phrasing: "What do I WANT her to be?" I want her to be happy, healthy, and always smile, be confident, and adventuresome, truthful and knowledgeable. Always know that I am her mom and I am going to love her no matter what. She doesn't have to prove anything to me as I love her without conditions.

How do you say that to someone expecting an answer as generic as a doctor, a lawyer, or a whatever profession is the most high paying....

She will grow up but NOT TODAY!

Now she is almost 7. Independent, wild haired child with a big smile full of teeth vying for space. Who greets every morning with a "Look out world! I'm ready for the day!" She wears stripes, plaid, and polka dots in one outfit. She draws and writes story books. She excels at being almost 7. She is the best almost 7 year old ever! She is perfect.

I am still enjoying every single second of this child. Everything at this moment.

She will grow up but not today.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blustery Day Buster

Our weather has been pretty mild here. A few raining days here and there but nothing to keep us from walking to school everyday. I have been seeing reports across my FaceBook feed of snow days and below freezing temperatures in other states. I am not envious.

I am here to offer a snow day crafty project idea to my sewing friends. Over Christmas break I downloaded a free pattern from this website is loaded with adorable FREE patterns for you to download. All sorts of patterns too, boys, girls, bags, hats.....just about everything you could think of!

The pants I made P were the "Boutique Fleece Pants" they are a darling pant with a ruffley flair at the bottom. The main pant was blue fleece and I contrasted the flair with a very vintage retro knit that I had in my stash. They are loads of fun and comfy. I made them in no time at all.

Since we have year round cooler temperatures here I will be downloading a lot from!

So, if you are a sewer (any level) then load up on some fun fleece prints and download some fun cozy patterns and get sewing!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sweet Mail

The Sweet Pouch Swap that I signed up for in January and offered by Sew Delicious had a mailing deadline of February 15th.

I had sent the pouch I made off to Perth well before the deadline as I was so excited to send it. All about that in a previous post.

The deadline for posting arrived and I had been aggressively scouring the Sweet Pouch Swap Instagram feed and Flickr pool for any indication as to which gorgeous handcrafted pouch might be sent my way. No indication or hints were given. However, I would get excited to see "this one is being sent off to the US." usually about a week later the receiver of that pouch would post a picture saying it arrived in their post and they love it! Who wouldn't love any one of these sweet pouches. There is mad talent out there!

Well, today was my day! My little brown paper package arrived on my doorstep with a postal tag from Canada! J helped me open it and he was very happy to play with the foamy packing materials. I was delighted to find a simply marvelous brightly colored zippy pouch filled with 6 assorted Canadian chocolate bars along with a sweet little hand written note.

This really brought the sunshine in to our otherwise cloudy day. I have hid the chocolates away to enjoy until after Lent is over. I will also add, it is refreshing to read the ingredients on the chocolate bars and be able to know what each on is and be able to pronounce them. Chocolate, sugar, milk......does there need to be more?

Please check out and "like" the Sew Delicious page on Facebook. is the blog

See the assortment of Sweet Pouches being swapped on Instagram using #sweetpouchswap and the Flickr group Sew Delicious Sweet Pouch Swap

This was loads of fun. I've signed up for a few more crafty swaps since!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Strangers & Toddlers.

Venturing out in public with a toddler is a white knuckle experience every time. However, now that I am more experienced with motherhood going out with J as a two year old is not quite as white knuckley as venturing out with a two year old P.

J and I walked to the store in the sunshine to pick up a few items. J in his stroller and he is recovering from a sinus infection. So, his energy level is not as high and he is a bit more sensitive. He enjoyed the ride and provided me with a running commentary of everything he saw.

We were finishing up at the store and about to check out when two old ladies approached J. They greeted him and he turned his face and body fully away from them in hopes that they would just go away. They didn't. They continued to talk to him and attempting to get a response from him. The response came: He stuck out his tongue and blew them a raspberry. Then buried his head again.

"That was rude!" said one.
"That's not a nice thing to do to a grandma!" said the other.
"What terrible manners!"

And on and on like that it went as they talked themselves out of the store.

I said nothing. J is two. No explanation needed.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Friendship Garden

Going to school has really allowed P to grow and explore in abundance. It seems she is coming home daily reporting of something new she learned, a new song to sing, or discussing an author she likes and reading a library book to us. There is also a lot of talk about the daily social activities that happen in school too.

I have a love/hate relationship with this part of sending her to school. I love that she gets to explore, independently, friendships with her peers. Being able to trust her instinct and forage ahead with making friends and being a friend. On the other hand, I am heart broken when she tells me someone was mean to her or someone got mad at her and decided they didn't want to be her friend anymore.

Welcome to the real world.

She had a rough day with a friend or as she puts it "I thought _____ was my friend!" and she went on to tells us about it at dinner with this description:

"The friendship garden in my heart, where all my friends have a flower in my friendship garden with their name in the middle of the flower, well, I guess ______'s exploded because she is not my friend anymore."

Well, as I look back at my successes and failures at friendship I cannot think of a better description. I have many flowers with names in my heart and many bits of exploded flower petals scattered all around
but the best flowers in my friendship garden are the perennial ones that weather the storms and bloom stronger and brighter with every passing year.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lent and the FB Sacrifice.

After a very enjoyable adult only sushi dinner this weekend where we discussed adult things that didn't involve any potty training tips but an abundance of useless pop culture nonsense and a chat about FB brain damage....I had a fleeting thought.

What if one were to give up FB for Lent. A whole 6 weeks without this culturally inept piece of social media.

Like I said it was fleeting but I thought further as to what is it that I do and do not enjoy about FB and thus led me to to my ultimate decision of giving up FB for Lent or not.

My lists seemed endless on both sides and narrowed down to these:

Propaganda postings, discriminatory religious postings, "anti everything that doesn't benefit me" postings, FB game requests, the bar on the right hand side that promotes pages to "like" and seeing my FB friends have actually liked some of these pages, gloating about religious discriminations, sponsored pages to "like" that take up space in my news feed, ranting and hate speech, statuses that are gossipy.

Pictures of children, pictures of pets, funny YouTube videos, Bob Marley quotes, rainbow pictures, pregnancy announcements, people liking & commenting on everything I post, sharing my world with my friends and family far away, Pinterest party events, silly little quips of kid quotes, stories of happiness, new babies arriving, wedding pictures, updates on life, vacation pictures, people posting "just thinking about you," snow pictures, beach, pictures, pictures!

I know, hardly narrowed. As I thought further and weighed my options between giving up chocolate or FB this is what I concluded:

If I give up chocolate there will still be boxes of Girl Scout Thin Mints in my cupboard on Easter morning.

If I give up FB I will have 6 weeks of happy pictures and fun postings interlaced with the dreaded "junk mail" posts that leave me feeling disheartened to sift through on Easter morning.

Isn't it easier to just "like" or "hide" on the spot with or without the Thin Mint?