Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sweet Mail

The Sweet Pouch Swap that I signed up for in January and offered by Sew Delicious had a mailing deadline of February 15th.

I had sent the pouch I made off to Perth well before the deadline as I was so excited to send it. All about that in a previous post.

The deadline for posting arrived and I had been aggressively scouring the Sweet Pouch Swap Instagram feed and Flickr pool for any indication as to which gorgeous handcrafted pouch might be sent my way. No indication or hints were given. However, I would get excited to see "this one is being sent off to the US." usually about a week later the receiver of that pouch would post a picture saying it arrived in their post and they love it! Who wouldn't love any one of these sweet pouches. There is mad talent out there!

Well, today was my day! My little brown paper package arrived on my doorstep with a postal tag from Canada! J helped me open it and he was very happy to play with the foamy packing materials. I was delighted to find a simply marvelous brightly colored zippy pouch filled with 6 assorted Canadian chocolate bars along with a sweet little hand written note.

This really brought the sunshine in to our otherwise cloudy day. I have hid the chocolates away to enjoy until after Lent is over. I will also add, it is refreshing to read the ingredients on the chocolate bars and be able to know what each on is and be able to pronounce them. Chocolate, sugar, milk......does there need to be more?

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See the assortment of Sweet Pouches being swapped on Instagram using #sweetpouchswap and the Flickr group Sew Delicious Sweet Pouch Swap

This was loads of fun. I've signed up for a few more crafty swaps since!

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  1. What a fantastic parcel! You are so restrained to be able to wait until after Lent - I gobbled mine up after a few days :) Thanks so much for being part of the swap, it's been so much fun!