Monday, March 4, 2013

Numbers Game.

J is turning 3 this week and I couldn't be in denial more.

Even though he is not having a party we will be celebrating him! It would include donuts at every meal if we lived closer to a Krispy Kreme! We don't, so instead of donuts I like to make him a little t-shirt with his age on it.

If we get invited to a birthday party for a little friend this is usually my go-to gift. I'm going to share with you how to make one in case we don't live close enough to be invited to your child's birthday and you still want a shirt (I am also happy to make these via special request and mail them along).

Birthday Shirt:

1. T shirt in the appropriate size (I recommend getting a fun solid color in a quality weight. Do not buy a Hanes pack of under shirts because they are thin and crappy.)
2. Fabric scrap to coordinate with your Tshirt.
3. Fabric bonding (used for appliqué) such as Steam-A-Seam or Heat-N-Bond
4. Number stencil
5. Scissors
6. Iron

How to:
Wash & dry and iron your Tshirt.
To get a number stencil, in Word program, enlarge number to desired font size for front of shirt (I usually enlarge to 600). Print and cut out.
Pin number pattern to fabric scrap and cut out. Cut out number pattern in the fabric bond too.
Follow directions on the fabric bond for how to iron (some use a dry iron at a low setting others use steam and a high heat setting).
Iron number to shirt.
Embellish with machine stitching around edge or embroidery stitching. Add any other embellishments you choose but remember to not use little things that could pop off and get choked on by the little wearer.

Your little birthday darling is now looking quite charming!

This is J's shirt from last year. (sniff)

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