Friday, April 26, 2013

Our Town.

Today, in our town, if you have young children it might be advisable to stay home.

I know this may be difficult as school is out today but, please, heed my advice!

Maybe it's the weather, maybe it is the bulging anticipation of tourist season, maybe.....or maybe.....

Maybe, it is "Old Miser Day" in our town where the old misers are allowed to roam free and yell at young mothers and young children......maybe.....

A friend & her two girls were meeting me and my two kids for a fun filled afternoon of play! She lives in the next town over and we were thrilled they were coming down our way. We set a time for lunch and met at the local fish-n-chips place. It was busy, for a Friday. We had to stand in line before ordering. The girls were giddy and full of motion but nothing out of the ordinary.

The first dirty look came. It was from a woman in line ahead of us she had very dyed dark hair and drawn-on severe eyebrows. It was a look as if we had just released the Ebola virus in the restaurant.

We ordered and moved outside to find seating. We located a table at the end of the row of 5 empty tables outside. The first table was occupied by two older women and a young man.

We chose the FAR END table OUTSIDE.
We have four young children and a 15 minute wait for food, of course we will choose this option.

With the sidewalk clear and a fair amount of time to wait for lunch the kids took to playing.

Chasing, skipping, racing.....laughing, giggling, silly happy screams. Happy children, playing happily.

I should make note here that I am really emphasizing HAPPY sounds & play because then this happened:

From the one occupied table four tables away:


Old Lady with sunglasses on her head:

My friend: "Well, we are OUTSIDE."

Honestly, this table of JERKS really pissed me off. Let me point out here, that the food served at this restaurant is all served in a box. If they were that pissed about eating around kids THEN PICK UP YOUR BOX AND MOVE!

Children should not be expected to sit still and quietly wait. They have an overflow of energy, imagination and a makeshift playground.

Did those JERKS feel better after snapping at us? They just yelled for their benefit. JERKS. If you expect a child to sit still & quiet then you should have to wear a shirt that says "I HATE CHILDREN!" So everyone knows to stay away from you.

We live in a grown up world. Our children seem to have ever decreasing opportunities to be just kids. So, JERKS if my child wants to be a dinosaur at lunch then, he can be a dinosaur including all the sounds a dinosaur might make. And if my daughter wants to be a princess riding a unicorn while out running a bumble bee then she can do that too! Their kid window shrinks a little bit everyday. Happy children are a delight.

I don't like mean people.

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