Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Roly-Poly Pinafore Review + Giveaway!

Way long ago when I was in my early 20s and visiting my grandmother she decided we needed to sew something for the daughter I may have one day. She had been sewing some dresses for one of my cousin's sweet girls and with me being the youngest girl of 21 grandchildren with no prospect of a husband in sight I guess she assumed she would not be around when I became a mom.

We settled on this pattern:

It was a darling sweet pinafore in a lavender print with a pink reverse and an eyelet ruffle. Bloomers and cutesy Peter Rabbit buttons completed the outfit. We made a size 6-9 months.

I packed it away in my baby hope chest of sorts and many years passed before motherhood arrived. P was born in May which meant her, 6-9 months fell in wintertime and the pinafore stayed tucked away and still remains unworn.

I was pretty giddy when Imagine Gnats offered me a chance to be part of the blog tour and review the Roly-Poly Pinafore pattern! Yay! I can make one for P to wear now and maybe make one for later too!

We ventured up to Salem over Memorial Day weekend and I discovered Greenbaum's Quilted Forest. It is loaded with a super fantastic fabric assortment and they give you 10% off your entire purchase during the entire month of your birthday! Lucky me!

P chose Michael Miller Fabrics in Fantasy Forest and Ta Dot.

The pattern printed and fit together easy. It has a pocket option which I did not do because P could care less about pockets. If you would like the entire side to be one fabric it is easy enough to tape the pattern pieces together and cut the fabric that way.

Either I was distracted enough by J playing around me or I was just absent minded when I cut out my fabric but I ended up cutting one of the back sides out upside down in the Forest Fantasy print and living 3 hours away from the fabric store where I purchased it I was feeling pretty lousy. I dug through my fabric stash and found a fat quarter of a turquoise print that would blend in just fine. I re-cut my upside down piece and blocked out the top in the turquoise.  All was not lost. Just buy a bit of extra fabric if you are working with a directional print.

This sewed up very easy and quickly. It is a great pattern for a beginner sewer or a good one to fine tune your garment sewing. The sizes for this pattern are 6 months to 10 years. It is a good rule of thumb to go by your child's measurements rather than age. I made P a size 7 but could have sewn a size 6 with the length of the size 7. It has a darling little pleat on the front too. It is a versatile garment that could be sewn in a variety of fabrics for all seasons.

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If you would like to purchase the pattern you may do so here: Imagine Gnats Etsy store

*****This Giveaway has ended******

GIVEAWAY INFO: You can also try to win a pattern for yourself all you have to do is leave a comment telling me a fond memory of your grandmother or another person who inspired you when you were younger.

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I will choose a winner on Wednesday June 5th at 5pm Pacific time. Good Luck!


  1. My grandmother is my inspiration to sew and I still remember standing on chairs at her house having our jeans hemmed as kids. She was pretty good at not poking you, even though I never stood still. :)

    1. Kelly! You won the pattern! I will need your email address to forward along so Imagine Gnats can send you your Roly-Poly Pattern! My grandmother was pretty good at not poking us too even though we were wiggly!

    2. Oops! You can email me at roseandodingmail.

  2. My mom is my inspiration to craft, my girls are my inspiration to sew! I love the fabric colors in your pinafore! These are my moms favorite colors!

  3. My grandmother was the craftiest person I've ever known. Back...waaaay back before it was trendy, she was taking every day items and making beautiful things. She made a planter out of an old iron heating stove, and used a bushel basket for a lamp shade. We laugh at her things now, but they are really becoming pretty popular. I'd love to win this pattern for my granddaughter!!

  4. I went to like you on facebook!!

  5. That Fantasy Forest is beautiful.
    I never met my great-grandma Clara, but I press every seam today because of her. When my mom was learning to sew, she picked up that tip from her grandma, and passed it on to me.

  6. I 'Like' you on Facebook. :)

  7. What I remember best about my grandmother was that she was the only lady I knew with painted toenails. :) THanks for the chance!

  8. Very cute pinafore. I was lucky enough to spend a lot of my summer days with my grandma as my mom worked. Some nights I would stay over and we would put our pj's on early and sit on the couch together and watch tv. It was a special treat.

  9. My gramma great was the og upcycler.... like 60 years ago. It resulted in heaps of jars of buttons from cutting up shirts. She must be where I get my 'vision' from

  10. When I say I like you... it feels so highschool.... or maybe middle school..... liked on fb

  11. Love your pinafore...Both my grandmothers sewed so I guess I was twice blessed!!!

  12. When I was little I thought it was magic how my gran got the knot right at the end of the thread. Luckily she showed me the trick, cut the thread tail close to the knot!

  13. my grandmother had a big jar of sweets (lollies) that at the end of each day she got down off the shelf and we could choose one!

  14. My granny (who lives out of state) sat and taught me how to crochet 12 years ago. And i still enjoy it.

  15. Cute pinafore! Love your fabric choices and what a darling model. I have my Mom to thank for my love of handmade and crafts. Mom exposed and taught us everything from knitting to canning. I love that I had the seeds of creativity and expression planted all those years ago.

    Thank you and Rachael for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  16. I'm now following you on FB. How wonderful that you have something that you and your grandma made together that one day your child may wear.

    Thank again fo a chance to win.


  17. my grandma taught me the importance of making and sharing a family meal. i love your version of the pinafore. thanks for the opportunity to win the pattern!

  18. My grandma made us laugh with her silly faces and goofy voices.

  19. I love the print that you used!!! I remember going to visit my grandma in Michigan. She had a ceramic duck that she kept on the back porch. There was a box full of clothes and hats for the duck and my sister and I would enjoy dressing the duck. Now that I think about it, that is something I really enjoyed and I'd love to do something like that more my kids/grandkids - maybe a teddy bear to dress...

    jdeemarie @

  20. I have a fond memory of my grandma teaching me to crochet a doily and it was easy - I just kept going around and around. I eventually learned to make squares so I could crochet a granny-square afghan too!

  21. these are all wonderful and inspiring stories! Thank you! Kelly Smith won the pattern but be on the lookout for more exciting giveaways on the blog and on my FB page too!