Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sweet Little Embroidery Swap

Lisa at Sweet Little Pretties organized another swap. Naturally, I couldn't pass it up but it definitely was taking me out of my comfort zone! This time the swap was to make something that is embroidered.

I am not totally sure if it had to be "hand" embroidered or if machine embroidered was ok. I didn't check this detail out as I do not own an embroidery machine which meant I had to come up with something to do by hand.

I have never done embroidery.

However, I was very excited for the challenge! Naturally, I created a Pinterest board for some inspiration and hopefully, a bit of instruction.

My partner was Kim from Babes & Brides. She already follows me on the various social media outlets so, it was difficult to not reveal too much!

My info sheet on Kim said she likes pinks and aquas as well as angels and fairies. She also mentioned that anything handmade and from the heart was a treasure. So, the pressure was off. A bit.

Honestly, I was fairly intimidated to make something for Kim. She does incredible sewing and embroidery.

I started practicing some free form flowers just to get the feel of it and planning on a more specific pattern/design for the actual swap item.

Well, it turns out I liked my freeform stitches so well, that I made a new swatch on a piece of aqua linen and stitched up some flowers in several shades of pink.

I then turned this into a medium wide-mouth zippy pouch, using my "go-to" tutorial from noodlehead.

I enclosed a note, a delicious chocolate bar, and a fat quarter of some fairy fabric then sent it along to Kim.  Turns out she loved it! Check out what she had to say:

I love embroidery! It is very meditative and a great way to embellish something. I am waiting for my embroidery surprise to show up at my door and like Kim, I believe that handmade from the heart gifts are treasures!


  1. Lovely post...Just thought I'd let you know I'm using your sweet gift to hold my "hexie" making supplies!!
    xx Kim