Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Change of Seasons Swap


Ok, Rose & Odin is back form vacation and feeling a bit let down. It is difficult to depart so much fun and return to everyday life and turn my focus towards back to school. As that simply means that P & J are growing up and fast.

I have decided to distract myself from this reality and organize a little Change of Seasons Swap. I think the fall is hurried through here with back to school at the beginning and then a mad rush to Christmas. Fall just seems to be a launching pad.

As a kid I seemed to loathe fall. It stood in the way of Christmas and meant I would be forced to sit still for many hours of the day in school only to return home to early darkness.

As an adult I enjoy fall. The smells, the warm drinks, cozy sweaters but living in the Pacific Northwest it also means the return of endless grey and rain. All the more reason to have a swap to lift my spirits and to slow down the fall.

To participate in this swap please fill out this form: CLOSED by August 15th. You must commit to making and creating a seasonal themed parcel for your recipient and mailing it by September 21st. What you create an send is completely up to you but it must be handmade. 

Keep in mind that our southern hemisphere friends are coming into spring.

This is a secret swap and is open internationally and you are responsible for the postage.

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