Friday, November 1, 2013

Ziggle Play! {a review}

Wow, the weather has been fantastically sunny this entire month. We are certainly being spoiled!
With all the sunshine (and no wind) J and I have been outside non stop. I have suntan lines where my sunglasses sit on my face.

When I am not pulling him around town to the park or to story time at the library on my bike he is riding his own bike around our driveway or, with adult supervision, around our dead end street.

A few weeks ago a Radio Flyer Ziggle showed up on our doorstep from House Party. J was over the moon when we tore into the box. He was screaming "a new bike! Just for me!" The Ziggle box was a little tough to get into as the flaps were glued tight but we busted into it. We laid out all the parts on the floor. Luckily, we did not need to wait for N to arrive home from work to put it together. It was very easy to do and the only tool I needed to dig out from our tool box was an adjustable wrench. J was able to help put the Ziggle together, which he loved to do. Parts fit in easily and it is not heavy. The instructions are numbered pictures and it took about fifteen minutes to get it ready to ride.

He was off! The Ziggle is a low profile riding toy with an adjustable seat. It has no pedals and is easily operated by body motion. It does 360s, it spins, it wiggles, it cruises, and ziggles! J has so much fun riding the Ziggle.

The Ziggle is recommended for ages 3-8 and for riding on flat, smooth surfaces. Our driveway has a gentle slope and the Ziggle worked just fine, only faster!  It does tip forward when J "walks" it because the wheels swivel around. He has taken a few gentle head dives. A helmut is not recommended on the box/instructions but we like to be safe especially around the neighborhood. This toy is loads of fun for an active child like J. He uses his whole body to move it! He insists his next adventure on the Ziggle will be to ride it to pick P up from school.....he has high hopes!

I am a believer that one cannot have too may riding toys and this is one to add to your collection!

If you want to know more about or learn where to buy a Radio Flyer Ziggle, click here:Radio Flyer Ziggle Info

*I was provided with a free Radio Flyer Ziggle by House Party Chatterbox in exchange for my review.