Friday, February 7, 2014

For Emily.

Super Bowl Sunday was going to be great this year. My team had made it all the way and they were going to win. I was sure of it! Goodness, I love football but I have to say it is easier to stomach the game when you are not emotionally invested in a team.

That morning, I was busy on Facebook posting about my excitement and hopes for the game. I can get a little ridiculous and sentimental about it. Remember, orange and blue looks good on anybody.

In Colorado my Super Bowl Sundays and a good number of football Sundays, were spent binging on chili and beer while enjoying the company of my friend and her family. Her husband and I could clear out a room with our over abundance of "enthusiasm" for the game.

However, those Super Bowl Sundays did not include our team and it was more about the company than the game. This year, the year our team made it, would be another year we would not be together and cheering.

While I was busy posting about my excitement she was busy posting about her excitement too. Her boys were decked out in orange; ready for the ride....

And then it happened.

At the top of my page was a photo of her brother under the header of "Trending Now."

Am I reading this right? Is she reading this too? Is this how she found out?

My heart sank and broke into a gazillion pieces for her.

The game lost its luster. It no longer mattered. It would be tough to celebrate a victory.

In all the excitement and hopeful anticipation of the game death snuck in and chewed out part of her heart, spit it out, and took up permanent residence.

I texted her and told her I loved her and to feel my hugs. I have never wanted to hug someone so much in my life!

Her brother was famous. His loss is great but it is a loss felt far deeper than that of Hollywood and Broadway because when the trending topic of his death fades away into murmurs, it will never leave her or any of her family. It is raw and painful and it is public.

Before he was famous he was a son, brother, cousin, nephew, uncle, friend, mentor, father....He was human.

My friend is grieving for the loss of her brother. It is insurmountable pain and I am at a loss as to how to comfort her.