Monday, April 7, 2014

Kid's Clothes Week: Day 1

I have joined in the madness of Kids Clothes Week. It is a really simple idea: sew clothes for your kids 1 hour a day for 7 days. In previous years I have been a KCW drop out but not this week! I have plans and new fabric and loads of notions oh, and that new serger I got for Christmas too!

Today I stitched up a pair of Hosh Pants by Lou Bee Clothing for P. I had some metallic stretch denim that was just begging to be made into pants. They sewed up so super fast! I measured her after coming home from school and she was wearing them at dinner.

Since P is a "leggings and dress" kind of girl, the Hosh pants are perfect! They are slim fitting yet are sewn with a stretch twill or denim which makes them a bit more dressy or at the very least not so like pajamas. I suppose I will need to sew up some khaki ones for her to play golf in too. 

The Hosh Pants pattern is currently being offered as part of the Girl's Essential Spring Wardrobe bundle from Perfect Pattern Parcel. The bundle is loaded with girly cuteness ready to challenge your creativity and refine your sewing skills.

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  1. Those are super, love the fabric!! Wish my Sam was young again, it's hard finding the teen size indy patterns.