Friday, April 11, 2014

Kid's Clothes Week: Day 2

So, I am a couple days late in posting about my KCW Day 2 sewing adventure and I am sure you thought I was once again a KCW drop out! Fear not, my faithful readers and read on....

On Day 2, I sewed up the Prefontaine Shorts by That Moxie Girl . These are the perfect shorts for J. He only wants to wear shorts and with pockets to fill and an elastic waistband for enhanced independence when needing the potty, I could not resist the challenge!

I had grey knit interlock on hand but wanted accent fabric for the pocket linings and the back pocket. I didn't want make a run to the fabric store so, I "shopped" the box of baby clothes I am saving for absolutely no reason other than I cannot part with these items I have deemed "special" and "must keep" even though we have no plans at all to have anymore children.

I uncovered a wealth of knit onesies and rompers. I chose a sea creature romper that was P's when she was a tiny baby and an orange striped Halloween onesie that P and J both wore for their first Halloween. I cut them up without hesitation. These were going to be the cutest pockets ever!

I made the bigger of the between sizes options for J. So, it looks like he will be able to wear them everyday until he goes to college. He really likes these shorts despite the bagginess. I could have easily made the smaller size and he would still have room to grow. I mean: I will be making the smaller size too because he wears them everyday!

It turns out our little town is just south of Prefontaine's hometown. So, J and I day tripped to test his new shorts out on the original track and then went in search of Prefontaine landmarks.

The Coos Art Museum has a permanent gallery in honor of Prefontaine including the running shoes he wore when he broke his first record in 1971. Marshfield high school has a "Pre Lives" logo on the school marquee. We stopped by the Coos Bay Chamber of Commerce to inquire further.

Here is an excerpt of the conversation I had with the women working the welcome desk:

Me: Other than the memorial outside and what the museum has, are there any other memorials around town dedicated to Prefontaine?

Woman: No. Well, unless you wanted to run, you know he was really into running. I guess.

She really didn't want to speak at all about Prefontaine and made it clear from the beginning and it was a bit uncomfortable. So, J and I made a quick dash back outside!

We spent the rest of the afternoon running and digging for worms. These shorts are perfect for both activities and any other romping around your little one likes to do too.

The Prefontaine shorts are a bonus pattern for the current pattern bundle offered from Perfect Pattern Parcel which is only available until the 18th!

Prefontaine Shorts in action! They are fast!

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  1. let us know when you are up for the union jack. love to see what you created