Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Ultimate Blog Party #UBP14

The ladies behind 5 Minutes for Mom are throwing the Ultimate Blog Party and you're invited! Yes, if you have a blog you can join the fun and there are prizes too! Link up your blog post about the party over on 5 Minutes for Mom, join in on the Google+ Hangout on Monday (April 7th) evening, Twitter party  on Tuesday (April 8th) evening, and did I mention prizes! Yes, make sure you enter that too!

Ultimate Blog Party 2014
Here is my introductory post:

Hi, I'm Molly of Rose & Odin. We are a family of four with two cats named Roary and Ulla-Bulla, and one hamster named Pearl. We live on the south coast of Oregon but are originally from Colorado. We sure miss Colorado a lot and all our wonderful friends.  Having an ocean view makes it hard to leave. Also, we do not miss snow one single bit.

My blog name is the middle names of my children. I started blogging a few years back. As much as we love our ocean view and don't miss snow, one thing we really miss is people and having options for anything from shopping, to play groups, to a variety of fabric stores, to restaurants, to..... I could go on and on and on. It is isolating here and I left a lot of friends in Colorado when we moved. I thought they might like to read about our adventures and it also has helped connect me with a community of fantastic crafters and sewists.

I write mostly about our family life sprinkled with crafty/sewing posts and if I get lucky, a sponsored post too. My goal this year is to write more frequently and regularly. I would like to grow my blog and even make some money from it through advertising and sponsored posts. I have run into stumbling blocks when assessing  the probability of this:

1. I live in a far far away place that makes it inconvenient to get to a conference/meet up/event. Face to face networking is not happening!

2. I don't have a huge amount of page views or a ton of sponsored posts already and this has made it difficult to get my foot in the door.

So, I'm going to BlogHer this summer in San Jose and hopefully I will gain a ton of knowledge about the blogging world and how to branch out and expand my blog. I am at a point in my parenting journey where I can focus on myself, even if it is a little bit at time, and it feels great!

A few of my favorite things: Beer, chocolate, spicy asian food, baby animals (even alligators are adorable when they are little), VWs, cruiser bicycles, hiking, traveling, sewing, natural products, Danskos, coffee, equality, smiles, and rainbows.


  1. Hi Molly!
    I am stopping by from UBP14! I love the picture you chose of your kids, it's adorable! Sorry that you had to move so far from everything :( I thought moving an hour from my family was hard, so I can't even imagine! I can't wait to read more about you and your family!

  2. Hi Molly,
    I'm visiting from UBP14 and clear across the country in Alabama. It's nice to meet you. I enjoy sewing and natural products as well. Hope you enjoy the party!

  3. So neat you're part of the party- and also I'm glad you're *here* here by the ocean with meeee! :)