Thursday, April 17, 2014

Union Jack Laptop Sleeve Tutorial

My current laptop case is boring black and I wanted a new one. So, I made one out of the Union Jack Fabric panel the lovelies at Riley Blake Designs sent over. I'm going to show you how to make your own too!


1 panel of Union Jack squares
1/4 or 1 FQ for the outer accent. I raided my scrap bin too!
1/3 yard for the lining and button loop
1/3 yard batting
Optional: 1/2 yard interfacing. I used Pellon SF101
1- 1 1/2" button

I have a MacBook Pro which measures 9.25" x 13".  The cutting measurements and instructions are for this size laptop. You will need to measure your laptop and add 1/2" all around. If your laptop is larger, a single Union Jack square will not be enough to cover the side and you may need to add an inch or two of a side panel.


From the Union Jack panel: cut two  complete Union Jack squares. Cut to measure 10 3/4" wide (you will trim up the length in another step) making sure the white boarder on the long sides are equal so your Union Jack will sit squarely on your laptop.

From the accent fabric: Cut two pieces that measure 10 3/4" x 5"

From the lining: cut two pieces that measure 10 3/4" x 15"
                          cut one piece that measures 2" x 5"

From the batting: cut two pieces that measure 10 1/4" x 14 1/2" (Having your batting a little shorter than your fabric pieces helps keep the seams less bulky.)

From the interfacing: cut 4 pieces that measure 10 3/4" x 15" and one piece that measures 2" x 5"

Cut 2 whole Union Jack squares. Each should measure 10 3/4" across, from short side to short side. 


1. Trim one short end of each Union Jack square to a 1/2 inch boarder from the edge of the print. With right sides together, stitch one Union Jack square to one accent piece along the short edge using 1/2" seam allowance. Repeat for 2nd Union Jack square. Press seam towards accent piece and topstitch. 

Trimming the boarder on the short side to 1/2" allows for the accent piece to be flush with the Union Jack design.

2. If you are using interfacing, iron it on now to both pieces of the outer and lining. If you would like to quilt your batting, do this after you have added the interfacing. If you are not quilting your batting then I recommend you baste your batting to the wrong sides of the lining pieces. 

3. Button loop: take your 2" x 5" piece, add interfacing if using, fold in half lengthwise, then open and fold each lengthwise edge to the center, then fold in half and topstitch the open edge. 
Iron your folds to keep them even and straight.

4. Fold one of your outer pieces in half lengthwise to find the exact middle. Then pin your button loop with the loop facing in to the right side of your outer piece along the top of the accent fabric edge and baste.

5. Trim from the bottom of your Union Jack outer pieces about 1/2" to 1" to even up with your lining pieces. This takes the white bottom boarder out for a cleaner match up when sewing the pieces together. 
Trim from the bottom. 
6. Using a 1/4" seam allowance and with right sides together, match up the bottom Union Jack markings of the outer pieces and sew only the bottom seam. Press seam open (topstitch if desired).

7. With right sides together, sew one lining piece to the top (accent side) of one side of the outer piece. Repeat for the other side. Press seams open. When fully laid out your pieces should be in this order:


 8. Fold in half, right sides together, lining up seams. Pin all around. Sew up sides and short edge of lining, leaving an opening to pull thru. 

9. Clip corners and pull thru the opening to right side. Sew up the small opening and put lining half inside the outer piece. Smooth out, iron, and topstitch all around the top. Sew the button on and your Union Jack laptop sleeve is complete.

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  1. well there you are...really lovely bag...yes you captured the essence for sure

  2. Looks so easy! I should give a try to it! Thanks for inspiration! :)

  3. Thank you for the great tutorial!

  4. My mom sewed a bag for me inspired by design and style of Kate Spade laptop bag. I just love my mom for this bag.

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