Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mother Who?

I grew up watching the 4th Doctor zip in and out of time saving humanity with his faithful companion, K-9. That scarf! If only I knew how to knit I think I would only knit those.

I have been binge watching the new "Dr. Who" lately and just as the 10th doctor said farewell I had the revelation that, I too, am exactly like a Time Lord. In fact, all moms are Time Lords, only better!

I give you…
Mother Who

1. We have a heart for each of our children. I have two, just like the Doctor.

2. Our TARDIS has four wheels, loads of buttons to push, and gets to school, dance, library, swimming, and play practice on time. It holds more than it looks like it should and sometimes my passengers need to hang on!

3. We may not have a sonic screwdriver at our fingertips but we can pop Barbie’s head back on, French braid hair, make something out of nothing, cook, clean, fold laundry, wipe boogers off faces, and build a block tower all at the same time. We are masters of improvise.

4. We fight the villains, doing our best to keep the path of the future clear for our children.
Here are a few of the villains I have met up with along my parenting journey or expect to meet:
·      The Great Intelligence: All that unsolicited parenting advice from the so-called experts who like to tell you everything you do is wrong. (This villain arrives with the onset of pregnancy and they come out of the woodwork to hunt you down.)
·      Sensorites: The first few weeks post-partum. You are in a fog and you don’t really remember much of anything because you are so sleep deprived, possibly crying at every little thing, you go days without a shower, your boobs are sore and leaky, and then you just snap out of it.
·      Davros: In-laws.
·      Vashta Nerada: These are the creatures of the darkness. I eradicate these creatures every night when my children express a fear of the darkness and I look under the bed, or in the closet with a flashlight.
·      Cybermen: A 2 year old in a temper tantrum. This is a brain melting no escape situation. We must remain calm and wait for the monster to leave hoping it spares our sanity. P’s could last up to 45 minutes of non-stop screaming and we all survived.
·      Autons: Legos scattered across the floor, lying in wait to attack an unsuspecting barefoot pedestrian.
·      Silurians: Sibling fights. Sometimes co-habitation is just impossible!
·      Weeping Angels: When it is just too quiet in the house and you just closed your eyes for a moment.
·      The Rani: The “I know everything! Leave me alone” phase (does this every really go away?)
·      Daleks: When your child’s favorite response is “NO” what he is really saying is “EXTERMINATE” but in a much more adorable way, non-threatening way.
·      The Master: Puberty. Your child trying to establish her own identity while laying waste to everyone and everything in her path and blaming you. (I have yet to meet this one.)

5. Our children revive us, and regenerate us with their joy and unending hugs, kisses, and stick figure drawings of appreciation.

6. Our children view us as the cleverest and smartest individuals in the universe.

7. Like the Doctor, we do not do this for gratitude and thanks; remaining anonymous in our actions most of the time.

8. There is a small part of us that always wonders, wishes, possibly hopes that time will pass just a little slower with each breath our children take so we can savor each second and imprint these moments in our memory bank.

9. There is a guilt rubbing inside us questioning our responses to critical parenting situations maybe wanting to rewind and a do-over but we can’t go back, especially in our own timeline.

10. There is a time when we have to let go, and allow our children to forge their own path in the world equipped with the best tools and knowledge we have provided them with. They may become Mother Whos or companions but they will continue to fight for humanity and the future of the earth with love and compassion leading the charge. 

We are nurturers, healers, leaders, life-givers. We are so much more than Time Lords, we are Women and we are Mothers. 

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  1. Love this. Noah is getting us to start watching this weekend. He's been planning it. :)